Hermine – Wit with juniper, ginger, orange peel

Le Fou – White session IPA

Ramon Rojo – Pt I of sour barrel project

Ramon Rojo Mk. II – Second (clean) version of Ramon Rojo to be blended with Original recipe.

Grodziskie – Oak-smoked Polish Wheat beer

Rye Saison Mk. II – Latest Rendition of a Saison with lots of rye. Rye not?

Rye Saison Mk. III – Forbidden Fruit Yeast, half aged on Mirabelle Plums

Tafelbier – Small “Table Beer” made with 100% Rye. Dry-hopped with Crystal and Saaz.

Blondie With no Name – American Style Blonde Ale with Palisade and Sonnet hops.

Heathensbier – Juniper infused, smoked ale, considered the drink of the Vikings.

Dunsmuir-Weisse – Berliner-style Weisse, fermented with Sauerkraut dregs.

The Gozerian – Gose style beer with L. Brevis, B. Brux trois and B. Claussenii

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