Tasting Notes: Le Fou


Here are the tasting notes for Le Fou, a hopped-up (relatively) Belgian-esk witbier… thing

A light gold color, which is moderately cloudy (a symptom of using wheat, I suspect). Moderate carbonation with a good head at the start, which dissipates after about 5-10 minutes, but hangs on for dear life to the end.

The aroma is difficult to put into words. It is an entanglement of resinous, yet floral-like hop aroma, mixed with a phenolic spiciness from the yeast. Perhaps some spiciness from the Sterling and Styrian Golding hops as well. Its sharp and crisp on the nose, but not so overpowering that it hits you in the face.
Upon tasting, much of what I was getting on the nose also comes through on the tongue. Floral and crisp, albeit a bit muddled. There is something that lingers that I just can't put my finger (tongue) on. Maybe apricot or peach. It is fruit like, but not tart. It is also hard to say whether this fruit-like character is hop or yeast derived. 


Now my original inspiration for the grist of this beer was a Belgian witbier. So, lots of wheat in this one, and you can really tell in the mouth feel. It is smooth, but by no means thin or watery. 

I am fairly pleased with the way this came out, being a first time brew for this particular beer. The hop character is crisp and pleasing, with no harsh bitterness to speak of. A symptom of hop bursting it, I suspect. Next time I may add a bit more hops, just to get it a bit more defined as far as the hop flavor and aroma. I am not pleased with how cloudy this beer turned out. Witbier or not, this thing is pretty much murky. Perhaps I will alter my protein rest next time. The head starts out maybe two fingers and quickly recedes to a thin layer on the top of the beer that hangs on throughout. 
The weather here is getting warm again... not that it hasn't been all summer, but I will enjoy drinking this one in the heat will I sit on my ass doing absolutely nothing.  


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